Optimise Your Sale Capacity

Rejuvenate your old and tired data list by speaking with an ECG Data consultant today.

Regardless if you are selling a product, message or a cause, you will need to make sure that your contact list is ‘fresh’ and up to date. There is no point sending it to the wrong people.

Imagine spending time and on money on a campaign to then use a list that is old and dirty and produces average of over 50% bounce backs, wrong or invalid contacts. It doesn’t matter how good your product, message or cause is, bad data produces bad results. 

What We Do

Our data consultants call through your entire list and: 

  • Delete invalid records
  • Replace old contacts with new
  • Update contact details and collect email addresses
  • Qualify the level of interest in your products or services
  • Gain OPT-IN permission for email marketing
  • Optimise your selling capacity 
  • Produce a data viability report 

Data Viability Report

A┬áData Viability Report (DVA) is a summary of the database we have reviewed and explains in detail it’s viability in the consumer market. We then make recommendations on how to best optimise the good data.

Sometimes while cleaning up a database we may discover that your list is beyond repair and that it is mostly unusable. In that instance we provide you with a DVA report that explains in detail what is wrong with your data.

We then provide you with a step by step plan on how to improve your data harvesting methods and provide you with a quote for replacement data generated by our consultants.

Enquire today and find out about our Risk Free Offer.

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