Social Media

Picture by Jamie Scicluna

Social Media Experts

Here at ECG Data, we have the audacity to call ourselves the “social media experts” and that is because we are. We can do anything with social media, from setting up and managing a social media campaign, to generating traffic towards your website.

In today’s world, social media is so important. It is much more than just another branding or marketing opportunity. It is the opportunity to expand and grow your audience.

Empowering Consumers and Growing Businesses 

Social media gives it’s users the means to find out what their friends and family are up to, and in the consumer world, it allows them to also pick and support their most favorite brands, organisation and causes.

This also means that business and organisations, have the ability to target consumers via their online breadcrumbs to predict what they are likely to purchase, consume and/or support based on this data.

How We Can Help You

We can assist you and your organisation with the following:

  • Setting up and Linking your social media accounts to a central point, example: your website;
  • create and execute an effective social media campaign;
  • Managing your social media accounts during a campaign or on a ongoing basis by engaging followers and supporters through regular posts, including unique and fun content such as memes ad gifs designed by us;
  • Generating traffic towards your website or other specific locations;
  • Using any generated traffic to collect data on the users interested in your website and social media accounts;
  • Generating an opt-in list of consumer leads.

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